The Gift of Being Seen

I recently returned from spending some time in Cambodia. As I look back and reflect on my time there, I am surprised at the image uppermost in my mind. It isn’t the sensory cacophony of the markets, selling everything from fried tarantulas to used tires to faux Beats by Dre. Nor was it the sublime… Continue reading The Gift of Being Seen

Autumn’s Bloom

    It dawned on me a few days ago that, to me, fall feels very much like a time of renewal and beginnnings, particularly this year.  Spring has been a very dark season for me for years; there’s some type of body memory linked to my depression that sends me spiraling down during a… Continue reading Autumn’s Bloom

The Gratitude in Our Scars

(This post contains a somewhat graphically bloody photograph.  If blood bothers you, you may want to skip it. If you’re too curious to skip it, pretend it’s facepaint.) One of the great joys of having your adult children come home for visits is simply observing them.  Now before you start labeling me, be aware that over… Continue reading The Gratitude in Our Scars